Omakanesh - Uni Delivery Shop

A Shop formed by “Uni Lovers” - Mr.Danny, Daniel Blessing and Ms.Milky, Praiya Anantarasap (Founder) who want to share the deliciousness of Uni from the whole box not only in one bite of sushi. As thier slogan, “The whole Uni box is ours. We can eat as much as we want” Customers can order Uni for the whole box anytime. And the shop has items ready to deliver all the time.

Sea urchin from our shop is "Best Selected" from Japan which is guaranteed with high premium grade and brand reputation (chosen by Michelin chef). We can also find the best Japanese Uni Auction Grade according to customer requirements.

Besides Uni, we also have other premium imported menu with special price such as Caviar and more seasonal ingredients which can deliver nationwide to your doorsteps.

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